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What is GeoGebra?

GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software that joins algebra, geometry statistics, calculus, table and graphing in one easy-to-use package. GeoGebra can be used to construct mathematical objects such as points, vectors, segments, lines, polygons, conic sections, and functions, geometrically (using the mouse) or algebraically (using the keyboard). These objects can be entered and modified directly on screen or through the command line.

Here are some features of GeoGebra:
* Graphics, algebra, and tables are connected and fully dynamic
  • Easy to use interface, yet many powerful features
  • Authoring tool to create interactive learning materials such as web pages
  • Available in many languages
  • Free, open-source, and runs in multiple platforms

GeoGebra was created by Markus Hohewarter in 2001, and is now continually developed by a team of international programmers.
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Point O is the center of the circle, and point C traces the the red four-leaf rose. The length of segment OC is always equal to the area of the inscribed rectangle.