GeoGebra Institute of Metro Manila conducts seminar-workshops on GeoGebra and certifies trainees in four levels: GeoGebra User, GeoGebra Expert, GeoGebra Trainer, and GeoGebra Institute Trainers. The requirements certification based on the standards drafted by the International GeoGebra Institute, Inc.


GeoGebra Users have the skills to successfully use GeoGebra materials with students in their classrooms.

Operation of GeoGebra
  • Familiarity with available GeoGebra Views, geometric tools, as well as the use of basic commands.
  • Ability to change the properties of objects in order to create appealing instructional materials.
  • Use of GeoGebra to create ggb files, export static images and insert them into a word processing document, as well as to create interactive web pages, i.e., Dynamic Worksheets.
  • Knowledge about the use of the GeoGebra Help document in order to find out about information about unfamiliar tools, commands, and features of the software.

GeoGebra for Teaching and Learning
  • Knowledge of the dynamic capabilities of GeoGebra, in particular of the potential of interconnected multiple and dynamic representations for mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Use of GeoGebra as a demonstration and presentation tool with existing and selfmade instructional materials (e.g. ggbfiles, Dynamic Worksheets).
  • Selection and use of existing GeoGebra materials (e.g. ggbfiles, Dynamic Worksheets) from the GeoGebraWiki or other sources.
  • Showing enough confidence with the use of GeoGebra to let students work with prepared GeoGebra materials (e.g. ggbfiles, Dynamic Worksheets).

Role in the GeoGebra User Community
  • Ability to post questions on the GeoGebra User forum to extend one’s knowledge about the use of the software.

GeoGebra Experts have the skills to create and share GeoGebra teaching materials, as well as support other educators in their schools or regions.

Operation of GeoGebra

  • Familiarity with the use of algebraic expressions and commands in the Input Bar.
  • Familiarity with the use of advanced features like animations, sequences, dynamic text, and conditional visibility.
  • Using the Construction Protocol and other strategies to find out how an existing GeoGebra construction was created.
  • Ability to create User Defined Tools and ability to customize the user interface of GeoGebra (e.g. Tool Bar).
  • Familiarity with advanced options of Dynamic Worksheets (e.g. Advanced tab of the Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage export window).

GeoGebra for Teaching and Learning

  • Using GeoGebra as a tool for teaching and learning by creating constructions from scratch during classes.
  • Ability to adapt existing ggbfiles and Dynamic Worksheets to the local curriculum and specific needs of students.
  • Showing confidence in introducing students to GeoGebra and guiding them towards an independent use of GeoGebra while supporting discovery learning and mathematical experiments.

Role in the GeoGebra User Community

  • Ability to answer questions on the GeoGebra User Forum and to provide guidance and support to colleagues.
  • Ability to create and share innovative instructional materials with the GeoGebra community by using available means and websites (e.g. on the GeoGebraWiki).
  • Actively seeking contact with other educators in order to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences about the use of GeoGebra.
  • Ability to give workshops for GeoGebra novices in order to introduce them to the basic use of GeoGebra and familiarize them with methods of using the software to enhance teaching and learning with technology.

GeoGebra Trainers have the skills to give workshops and presentations at conferences. They may offer GeoGebra workshops that allow participants to apply for certification as GeoGebra Users and GeoGebra Experts at their local GeoGebra Institutes.

GeoGebra Trainers should demonstrate the following skills in addition to those of GeoGebra Users and Experts to be certified by a GeoGebra Institute.

Operation of GeoGebra
  • Familiarity with most features of GeoGebra and long time experience with the software.
  • Knowledge about where to get additional information about the use of unfamiliar and new features of the software.
  • Knowledge about the different ways of installing GeoGebra on a computer as well as the differences between these methods.
  • Familiarity with very advanced features of GeoGebra and Dynamic Worksheets (e.g. using JavaScript to create interactive exercises, integration into learning management systems and/or wikis).

GeoGebra for Teaching and Learning
  • Experience with using GeoGebra in a variety of teaching situations over at least one year.
  • Ability to use and adapt prepared workshop materials to the needs of a certain group of workshop participants (e.g. primary or secondary school teachers, novice or advanced users, mixed audiences).

Role in the GeoGebra User Community
  • Collaboration with the local GeoGebra Institute by sharing materials and organizing workshops.
  • Ability to give workshops for GeoGebra novices and advanced users that are suitable for allowing participants to apply for GeoGebra User and GeoGebra Expert certificates at their local GeoGebra Institute.
  • Ability to make contributions to the GeoGebraWiki and other online platforms that foster collaboration among members of the GeoGebra community.
  • Ability to do practitioner research, to publish articles in practitioner journals, and to share experiences with the GeoGebra community.
  • Ability to give GeoGebra workshops and presentations at teacher conventions and conferences.

GeoGebra Institute Trainers are highly experienced GeoGebra Trainers who are a member of an accredited GeoGebra Institute and are available for collaboration on national and international projects. Like the Chair of a local GeoGebra Institute they may sign certificates for GeoGebra Users, GeoGebra Experts, and GeoGebra Trainers on behalf of their local GeoGebra Institute.

Note that many local GeoGebra Institutes don’t have GeoGebra Institute Trainers because the Chair of the GeoGebra Institute takes the role of signing certificates for GeoGebra Users, GeoGebra Experts, and GeoGebra Trainers. GeoGebra Institute Trainers may be needed when your local GeoGebra Institute issues a large number of certificates or its geographical region is very large so that several GeoGebra Institute Trainers are needed to manage certification in different places. GeoGebra Institute Trainers are certified directly by the International GeoGebra Institute. Applying individuals need to be a member of an accredited local GeoGebra Institute and send their individual applications to including the following items:

Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter describing past, current and planned GeoGebra activities (e.g.,workshops, research, software/resource development) and involvement in the local GeoGebra Institute
  • Sample of original GeoGebra materials (pdf and/or online)
  • Letter of recommendation by the chair of their local GeoGebra Institute